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Tips for creating an inclusive workplace environment

  • Identify and challenge any assumptions you have about people from certain groups and their work abilities or attitudes. Inaccurate assumptions—stereotypes and prejudice—will negatively affect the way you interact with these individuals.
  • Communicate high expectations of performance for all workers. Never hesitate to address an employee's lagging performance because you fear being seen as prejudiced.
  • Soon after hiring diverse employees, find out whether they will need some reasonable and fair accommodation. For example, do they have religious holidays and practices that require accommodations at certain times during the year?
  • In providing examples to explain work assignments and concepts, draw from a variety of cultural reference points, not just your own experiences.
  • Spend time getting to know everyone on your staff. Let them know that you care about them as human beings, not just as workers.
  • Avoid telling jokes or making comments that reinforce stereotypes, and discourage others on your team from telling such jokes.

  • Adapted from Dr. Richard Fields, "How Managers Can Enhance Their Effectiveness by Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Workplace Environment."

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